Choice Under Uncertainty

First, I must thank all the people who have been very supportive to my decision. You all are a very important  part of my life, and it’s nice to know that I’ve got firm support wherever I go.

I’m writing this entry not to try to convince everyone that leaving Princeton to study at LSE for one full year is a good idea; in fact, I’m not so sure either. Facing an opportunity is not all about excitement, but also doubt, fear and uncertainty. For various reasons related to my post-graduation plan that I opt not to elaborate here, perhaps it’s better (or at least more convenient) for me to stay at Princeton. When we were younger, participating in a program abroad is somehow a legitimate excuse/chance for vacations, and I still know people who do so. Now, it’s a different story. Sophomore year in college is already the transition to a life where every step I take determine my future.

I must step carefully.

But how do I know if a step is right? Well, the short answer is “I don’t know”. No one knows. Nunca se sabe. During the Princeton Halftime Retreat, I was informed of a quote: “We can’t connect the dots looking forwards; we can only connect the dots looking backwards”. Steve Jobs said it, and I agree. So far, my life algorithm has been: 1) Pick a path, 2) Walk along that path, and 3) At the end of the path, due to the completeness, it was either a good path choice, or a bad one. There’s always much uncertainty. I won’t know how right/correct this choice is until I stand at the end of the journey looking back. Yes, things can go wrong. (In fact, things go wrong all the time.), but there’s a chance that ignoring a potential path is already a wrong choice.

In any case, I understand this might have been the worst entry ever written. My mind is not that clear at this point. Two things for sure though:

1) I will miss Princeton A LOT, and

2) I still believe life is what you make out of it.

Good luck to everyone, for whatever amazing things you are expecting.

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