A book and its cover.

1. My host family My Japanese host family parents live in a modest house in a suburb area. When they first picked me up, took the bus together and walked me home from the bus stop, we passed by many other houses that were grand, pretty, and have a nice garden in front. "Okaasan (Japanese… Continue reading A book and its cover.


The F Word

This morning I woke up to three different messages from three high school girls who are much different in every way but currently chasing the same goal: pursuing the UWC scholarship to better their future. I had the honor of getting to know them throughout the process - from reading their applications, interviewing them, giving… Continue reading The F Word


Caution: Don't relate yourself to this blog post for any reason. 99% chance is that I'm not talking about you. Though I do feel the need to say what needs to be said, I very much fear misunderstanding. Recently, I watched the US political drama series "House of Cards" and was very impressed by what… Continue reading Favors